Once a cheater, always a cheater… and the more likely you are to give life to cheaters, too—maybe a lot of lives depending on just how much philandering plagues your own. That’s because sleeping around is partly genetic, according to a new study from Texas Tech University, and parents’ relationships shape expectations for their sons and daughters.

Through a survey about people’s parents and their own history of infidelity, researchers found that nearly half of all subjects who were raised by cheating parents have also admitted to cheating, themselves. They were twice as likely to seek some side action, then, than those who came from faithful families. Plus, studies have already found that you can inherit biological traits like a certain type of dopamine receptor that makes you crave multiple partners.

Just to be clear though: If you find yourself favoring polygamy, we’re not saying for sure that your parents are cheating on each other and your whole life was a lie. There’s always a chance you developed into a two-timing d-bag all on your own.