For most adults, going to work everyday is boring and sometimes you just need a little something to get you through those eight hours… like a midday romp in the janitor’s closet. According to new research, a lot of people have sex while they’re at work.

The study, which was conducted by Yellow Octopus in Australia, found that while pretty much everyone thinks about sex at work, only the bravest few actually commit to the act. That’s right, 11 percent of respondents said they’ve had sex with a co-worker while at work and four percent reported doing the dirty with a non-employee at their workplace. Of them, 36 percent said they’ve had sex at work during office hours.

While this might seem weird to the majority of the population who’d never dare, the workplace isn’t even the riskiest place people have done the deed. Check out these six crazy places partners have gotten it on…

1. Outside a Church During a Wedding
Just ask this couple, who were caught and arrested for having sex outside a church in Salt Lake City during a wedding ceremony. What makes it even worse—four children saw them do it…

2. Behind a Dumpster at Dunkin’ Donuts
St. Patrick’s Day makes people do crazy things, like this couple who took “Kiss Me I’m Irish” a little too seriously and got it on against a dumpster outside a Dunkies in Delaware.

3. On the Floor of a McDonald’s
We’ve all done… questionable things at McDonald’s. Like ordering Big Macs when our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. But this couple took it one step too far. A man and a woman in the U.K. were arrested after getting caught having sex on the very dirty floor of a Mickey D’s bathroom. Gross.

4. Inside a Canoe While Boating
Maybe they were trying to recreate the famous scene from The Notebook that your girlfriend is obsessed with; this couple had sex inside their canoe. It doesn’t sound like a very good experience either—the woman involved complained of the fear of capsizing, the uncomfortable hard wood floor and lots of bugs.

5. In a Public Pool
Underwater sex is never a good or safe experience, and public pools are filled with germs. But this couple in Indiana didn’t give a damn. Unfortunately for them, they were caught and arrested. Womp, womp.

6. In the Back of a Cop Car
Never mind what they were even arrested for in the first place (drugs), this couple from Texas can add public indecency to their charges—they were caught having sex in the back of the cop car while on the way to the police station. Legendary or stupid?