According to research conducted by the Good Surgeon Guide – a publication specializing in cosmetic procedures – 1 out of 10 women feel embarrassed by their boyfriend’s physical appearance. More, 16% feel embarrassed about their sense of personal style. 

And this matters, guys. While you may have a culturally-cultivated perception that women primp and preen themselves for the sake of other women, it’s not true. 48% of the women surveyed said that they care about their boyfriend’s appearance more than their own. 

So what can you do? How do you know if she’s really and truly buying what you’re selling or if she’s just being a good sport about your sweatpants at dinner (Ed. Note: What? They’re comfortable). Follow these tips to find out what she likes, what she doesn’t, and what to do about it.

Ask her outright

There’s no reason you can’t be honest and forthright with your lady. Simply ask if there’s anything in your wardrobe she likes, and what she’d like to see more of. Tell her you’re thinking of a new hair cut and want her opinion. Even if she does want to change something, but doesn’t want to tell you, it’s a nice gesture. It illustrates to her that you’re still willing to do some form of the proverbial mating dance, and she likes that.

Go to Sephora with her

One of the most attractive things about a guy or a girl, according to their paramours, is their smell. There’s entire industries built around it, fiction written all about it, and you can even get customized cologne to match your DNA. But, what you really want, when it comes down to it is a cologne that your lady likes. That’s who you’re trying to impress, anyway. So, cut out the guesswork, take her to Sephora, point at the wall and ask what she wants you to smell like. Then go to Game Works while she figures out the tough stuff.

Make her take you shopping

This definitely will equate to a “do these jeans make me look fat” type of situation. But, the difference between you going shopping with your lady, and you taking her shopping with you, is that she’ll be honest (probably) when you ask for her opinion about particular clothes precisely because of the results of the above survey. You might also want to go over some celebrity style icons before hand. Get some ideas from them about anything you can add to or change about your wardrobe and style. Then, with the guiding hand of your lady, go out an make it happen.

Take her to the barbershop

“After all, your haircut is your head-suit,” the great Jack Donaghy. Nothing brings together a look like a good haircut. And, trust us, even if you can’t tell the difference between the $50 cut at a real barbershop and the $10 job at Super Cuts, she definitely can. A good rule of thumb here is to pay attention to how much a stylist uses scissors as opposed to clippers. The more scissors, the better your haircut is going to be. Additionally, a good men’s trim should take at least 30 minutes. If you’re in and out of there in less time than that, you might want to try out a new place.

Positivity begets positivity

If you’re nice to her, she’ll be nice to you. The best way to get compliments is to give them. Do unto others, etc. etc. and what have you. If you spend all your time primping and preening and paying no attention to her (women in this survey spent an average of 3 hours getting ready), she’ll feel underappreciated and she’ll draw away from you. Nobody wins in that scenario. Our go-to, of course, is the smack on the butt. Take it run, boys.