By: Shanon Watson

With killer looks, this guy has it going on. Daniel Craig’s style is admirable, whether he’s dressing down or donning his most fashionable red carpet attire. He’s been selected as one of Britain’s best dressed men by “GQ.” This is the fourth year in a row that he’s graced the magazine’s list. He dresses simply but with a European flair. With a weathered face like the Marlboro man, he blends a rugged allure with modern panache. It’s no wonder Craig is a hit with the ladies and landed the coveted role of the sixth actor to play James Bond.

It’s tailor made

Yeah, it’s difficult to peel your eyes away from him. Just keep in mind that he has a license to kill. Above, Craig is wearing an Alfred Dunhill dinner jacket, which is similar to this one by Hugo. Dunhill is the British fashion house that scored the role of Bond’s tailor for “Casino Royale.” Just prior to this movie, the double agent’s suits were furnished by Italian fashion house Brioni. Dunhill suits are cut very classic and straight, whereas Brioni suits offer a more slim fit. Both looks are appealing, but Dunhill offers a traditional British look, which is more in tune with the double agent’s background. Tides changed once more with the production of “Quantum of Solace,” where the suits were created by American designer Tom Ford. See here. His suits have a flair for the Italian with strong shoulders and a narrow waist. Ford is renowned for reviving the Gucci label.

Can’t read these eyes

Whether you want some shades for function or style, the following will meet your needs. Check out Craig sporting some bomb aviators by Christian Dior above. Get yours here. Scope him out in this scene from “Quantum of Solace.” He’s wearing a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses, which you can find here. Notice that with the single bar nose bridge, these glasses are a fresh update on the classic aviator look. In “Casino Royale” he wore these Persol shades in the first part of the movie and these ones in the latter part. Most of these sunglasses come with polarized lenses, which are great for reducing glare from the sun or any Bond-style explosions you may encounter.

You gotta gotta dress up to get down

Above Craig blends casual and formal elements of style. Here, his dark, slim cut jeans pair well with a button up shirt and blazer. The look is polished but not over-the-top. It’s great for a night out on the town. Here is a similar yet affordable shirt. Pair it with a blazer like this.  In “Casino Royale,” Craig wore these polos by Sunspel. They’re also great for pulling off a nice yet casual look.

Here he is again in jeans and a tee. I would caution against wearing jeans with this much flare at the bottom of the leg. Opt for more of a boot cut. The wide flare can make legs appear shorter, whereas a slight boot cut makes for a leaner, longer look. Here is a pair of great boot cut jeans. Also, notice his distressed leather belt. A quality belt is always a good investment. Pick up a good one here. Be sure to wear some stylish leather shoes like these.

In brief

When Craig emerged from the ocean in this scene from “Casino Royale,” all attention focused on a) his sculpted body and b) his itty bitty swim trunks. I’d reserve a suit like this for a European vacay, but if you’re feeling particularly bold and don’t mind fitting all your manliness into a skimpy pair of trunks, then by all means go for it. If you’ve got the body and the confidence, then you’ll definitely grab the attention of any and all passersby.

You can snag this look, called square trunks, by going here. The pair donned by Craig in the movie is by La Perla, but if you want this particular style and brand, you’ll have to search eBay or buy them through this Italian version of the company’s website. Keep in mind that tiny swim trunks aren’t all that popular in America. Here is another basic pair of fitted trunks that promise to stay put, and the dark color is more discreet than Bond’s bright blue getup. This look is daring, so if you have any apprehension or fear that a suit like this will barely cover your crotch rocket, then opt for something that’ll leave a little more to the imagination.

At the end of the day, if all else fails in your pursuit to look like the next Daniel Craig or James Bond, let your last option be to enlist the assistance of the Royale Marines and roll onto the scene aboard a boat. Nothing says V.I.P. quite like this entrance. Or next time you’re at the bar, order yourself this drink: three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet shaken and graced with a slice of lemon peel. If you can’t dress like Bond, you can certainly drink like him.