By: Shanon Watson

Launched into the limelight by athletic success, David Beckham is an icon and a brand. He is also one of the first men to be labeled metrosexual. He manages to keep a masculine edge while following and even creating new fashion trends. He and his wife, Victoria, are recognized internationally, and their influence spans an empire of apparel, fragrances and advertising. You may not be a professional athlete or own a mansion affectionately called “Beckingham Palace,” but you can definitely dress to impress by taking a cue from ol’ Becks.


Bend it like Beckham

If want to follow this man’s lead, you’ve got to be creative and versatile. He must be ready for all types of occasions: red carpet events, press conferences, guest appearances, travel and soccer practice. He always dresses fashion forward, whether he’s attending a Lakers’ game or hitting the red carpet. He likes to mix things up. From shocking hairstyles to unexpected wardrobe combinations, Beckham isn’t afraid to make a statement.

For formal occasions, Beckham keeps things simple and tailored with two or three piece suits. Above, he arrived all spiffed up to offer England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup. He’s clad in a gray suit like this one here. His look is polished but shows a touch of flair with his plum colored tie. Here is a similar one. The deep color of his tie stands out from the pale suit but doesn’t overwhelm the look with a distracting pattern.

Pile on the layers

Beckham is keen on layering. One of his essential pieces is a hooded sweatshirt, which he layers underneath blazers and jackets. Above, he is wearing a blue hoodie like this one. He wears it underneath a leather jacket with a basic tee and jeans. Here you can find a similar black leather jacket.This man looks good in almost anything, but he definitely wears jeans that complement his body. He wears denim that is lightly distressed with a straight leg or slight boot cut. Check out these jeans by Diesel.

Pop it into neutral

Here Beckham keeps things simple by wearing several shades of gray. For a similar look, pick up some pants like these and wear them with a pair of designer kicks. See here. Throw on a jacket like this, and you’re all set. Feel free to try this look with brown neutrals as well. Pair khaki pants with a brown sweater or jacket. Just be sure to break up the monochrome with a white or gray colored t-shirt.

Get sporty. Wait, isn’t he with Posh?

No, I’m not talking about that other Spice Girl. Beckham has his own line of Adidas apparel, and since the company is one of his sponsors, he sports Adidas duds on and off the field. Get your own Adidas warm-ups here. Why not get some nifty kicks, like these too? They may be soccer-inspired, but you can wear them anywhere. Also, here’s a replica away jersey for the team Galaxy, if you’re so inclined.

Oh, fro-no he didn’t

Oh, yes, he did. In a style reminiscent of “Flock of Seagulls”, Beckham made a slight misstep. His haircut looks like a fro-hawk gone awry, and it also reminds me of a mullet. Although it’s business in the front and a party in the back, a mullet is never sexy. It’s funny perhaps, but not sexy. In the photo above, Beckham’s hair is simply out of control. He’s a handsome man, but this look does nothing for him.

Bare it all

Check out these sleeves. Beckham looks like a badass even without his shirt on. Tattoos are edgy, but they last forever, unless you can afford laser removal, so stick to clothing purchases, which only hang around as long as you want them. Tattoos can be kind of sexy, so if you’ve already got ‘em, why not show them off? Also, if you’re built like Beckham, you needn’t bare it all, but here he is in a provocative Armani ad featuring him and his wife.

You may not have all the money or fame in the world, but you can replicate this stylish man’s ways. Perhaps you’ll woo and impress a little lady you’ve had your eye on or just show your friends that you can look pulled together and keep up with the changing winds of fashion. Beckham is an excellent model for modern dressing. His look is appropriate here in the States and abroad. Follow his lead, and bend it like Beckham.