By: Shanon Watson

Ladies are drawn to Gerard Butler like moths to a flame. Perhaps his fetching Scottish accent and leading roles in a recent slew of rom-coms, such as “The Bounty Hunter,” lure them in, but wherever he goes, he leaves women swooning in his wake. His latest grab is leading lady Jennifer Aniston.

Around town, Butler dresses simply. He often wears dark or neutral colors, pairing t-shirts with jeans and a leather jacket. His style is current but not overly trendy. To mimic his look, all you need are dark jeans, a simple tee, and a sleek leather jacket.

Get some blues

Jeans, that is. They’re the great American fashion staple, and every man should own a nice pair or two. Choose a medium to dark shade for the most versatility. Avoid anything over-stylized, unless you plan to wear them rarely. It’s best to buy a pair that looks good but doesn’t stand out too much. Let’s face it, you want to get the most wear out of these pricey threads, so pick a pair out that will outlive the latest fashion whims.

Choose a flattering cut, like this. These jeans have a relaxed, straight-leg fit. They are the most easygoing style of jean because the look is flattering on everyone. So long as you manage to find the right size, you really can’t go wrong with them. Stick with a solid color wash like here or one with a little wear and tear or light fading like this. Avoid anything with extreme effects. A good pair of jeans will accentuate your best assets.

Tee time

Basic tees are essential to your wardrobe. Be sure to stock up on comfortable, semi-fitted t-shirts in gray, black, and white. They’re easy to throw on without much forethought. Butler wears shirts with V-necks and round collars. Both options work well, but I have some strong opinions about V-neck shirts. If your chest hair creeps out of the neckline, it’s a no-go. Choose a neckline that sits right at or just below the notch between your collarbones. Avoid a boxy cut, opting for a slim fit. Just make sure it’s not too tight. Here is a great tee by Calvin Klein. It’s made from comfy pima cotton and the neckline is perfect: not too high and not too low. Choosing a comfortable fabric, such as a cotton blend, is key. You want something breathable and easy to layer beneath a jacket.

Wrap it up

Leather jackets are badass. They’ve been popular ever since Marlon Brando made them cool in the fifties. A jacket is another item worth investing in. It will last years, and it easily classes up your look.

Butler wears jackets with simple designs. They look great with almost anything because they don’t make a loud statement. He tends to wear jackets that zip down the center, versus motorcycle style, with a standing collar, which means it doesn’t fold down. Check out this brown jacket. Leather is an easy way to dress up a casual outfit, and it’s practical to wear when the temps are cool. Here is a nice black jacket with a removable hood.


The right accessories can make or break your look. Butler often pulls his outfit together with leather belts and shoes. An easy way to work this into your look is by matching the color of your belt to your shoes. Choose a simple belt design and a pair of low profile shoes. Here is a great belt and shoe combo in black.

Can’t skirt the issue

While I approve most of Butler’s wardrobe statements, I have reservations toward the kilt. Fortunately, he doesn’t don it regularly. Yes, he’s Scottish, but there are so few moments when kilts are appropriate, and they’re not viewed as fashion forward.

Aside from the occasional fashion misstep, Butler’s look is comfortable and pulled together. To achieve it yourself, stick to the basics in color and style. Jeans and leather jackets are timeless pieces that are well worth investing in.