By: Shanon Watson

Now, here’s a wave I want to ride. Pro surfer Kelly Slater likes to keep things simple, but he easily transitions from laidback beach bum to red carpet attraction. This guy is definitely doing something right. He’s dated Pamela Anderson and Gisele Bündchen, who are both major bombshells. You may not be a surfer or live remotely near the ocean, but the surfer look is within reach and quite attractive to the ladies.

Channel some aloha, brah

Slater is all smiles in this picture. Not only is he kickin’ it with Tony Hawk and Robby Naish, but he’s receiving an award for sportsperson of the year by the Laureus World Sports Academy. No big deal. His comfy duds are perfect for this laid-back event or running around town. His main sponsor is Quiksilver, so most of his clothing is from the popular boardsport-related apparel and equipment company. You can find a similar colored shirt here or a similar style here. Get a simple black hat here. Also, for a wide array of surf-inspired clothes, check out other brands like Billabong, O’Neill and Hurley.

Climb on board the trend

Now for your ultimate surfer ensemble, you should also score some sweet boardshorts. Feel free to wear these to the beach, the pool or out and about during the summer. Boardshorts should reflect upon your personality, but feel free to pick bold colors and designs. The options are endless. You can see Slater surfing in these bright boardshorts in this video here. Get some comfortable flip flops like these, which are uber comfy and available in a wide array of colors. Surfers also tend to roam around shirtless. Who can blame them? They often have ripped bods from shredding gnarly waves and sport year-round tans, but if you’re more comfortable wearing your shirt at the pool or beach, check out an awesome selection of t-shirts here.

Get lei’d in gray

Slater looks classy in this gray suit. He definitely wears the monochrome look well. Notice his blue shirt. This subtle color livens up the look. Find a similar suit here. Pair it with a light blue shirt like this one and a gray tie like this. The shirt is wrinkle-free, which is always a plus. A no hassle dress shirt? That’s a no brainer.

Tee time


Slater has said that when the waves are flat, he goes golfing. Above, he’s wearing a sporty, long-sleeve polo. He manages to look appropriate but not uptight. Score sub par for the course wearing a shirt like this. It’s made from a performance fabric, so it wicks away moisture when you sweat. It’ll keep you comfortable and dry. Also, check out this short-sleeve option.

Red carpet swagger


Slater owns the red carpet. Above, he is wearing a modern, black suit and a narrow, black tie. His look is polished and perfect for the occasion. Plus, he brought along some nice arm candy, which is always in style. Get your sexy black suit here, and check out this tie. Go with a classic, white shirt like this one, and you’re ready to dazzle some ladies.

Life’s a beach

If you want to take things all the way as you emulate this rad dude, buy a surfboard and a guitar, that is, if you don’t already own these items. Prominently display them in your room, even if you’ll never use them. Slater only rides Channel Islands surfboards. Check them out here. His signature models are “The Tangent” and “The Whip.” He plays the guitar, and has jammed alongside Ben Harper and Pearl Jam. Yeah, he’s pretty cool like that. Chicks dig bad boys, surfers and musicians. So, if you look like one of these, you just might win over some wahines. Shaka, brah.