By: Shanon Watson

When they’re not busy posting addictive music videos on Youtube, the band “OK Go” is creating buzz with its eclectic sense of fashion. The group’s style is a return to retro with combinations of plaids, pinstripes, and argyle. These rockers sport mismatched suits in shades of black, blue and gray. Their outfits are a bit costume-like, but if you want to turn a night into an event and give a shout out to yesterdays, these guys are a great point of reference.

Damian Kulash: Tie it up

Why not spice things up a bit with a bold tie like this one? Lead singer Damian Kulash shows us how it’s done. He wears wide ties in vibrant patterns and colors. Here his solid black jacket contrasts his printed vest and patterned shirt, and to top it all off, he adds a little bling. Check out his prominent tie tack, which is really just a vintage pin. You can find a similar one at any local thrift shop. This look is over-the-top for everyday, but you can tone it down by wearing a simple jacket like this one with a button up shirt and jeans. Flair is optional.

Tim Nordwind: A little argyle’ll do ya

Bassist, Tim Nordwind, revives the argyle sweater by pairing it with a black blazer and pinstripe pants. His outfit verges on ostentatious, but if you want to go all out, here is a great argyle sweater in blue. If you want a more subdued look, choose a basic sweater vest like this one. Nordwind’s hat and glasses top off his unique style. Here is a nifty twill fedora, but there are infinite fabric and color combinations available online and in stores. Also, you don’t need a prescription to land some attention-grabbing specs. Check out these square frames with clear, plastic lenses.

Dan Konopka: A vested interest

Dan Konopka, the band’s drummer, foregoes a suit jacket on stage, donning a long-sleeved button up shirt with a vest and tie. His shirts are relatively neutral but patterned like this one. You can find an inexpensive tie here, which is similar to the white one he’s wearing above. A simple, gray vest like this one will help coordinate the look and soften the effect of a patterned shirt, which alone can be overwhelming on the eyes.

Andy Ross: Rogue waves

You can always take a cue from Andy Ross, who downplays his pieced together suits by leaving his hair wild and untamed. Here his jacket evokes a 1920’s gangster with its wide pinstripes, but his mix-matched vest and pants reflect a hodgepodge of refinement. If you like his look, here is a black pinstripe jacket, which could be paired with these gray pants. Add to the mix a vest in either blue or gray, and you’re well on your way to achieving his style.

Fabric faux pas

Now, here’s where I draw a line. For the 2007 Grammy Awards, the band wore custom-made suits from upholstery fabric. The inspiration? A couch. This is one look I would not advise, unless you’re attending a costume party.

Overall, these guys have a lot going on with their mixture of colors and prints, but they still manage to look pulled together. Their signature fashions might not be appropriate for your everyday situations, but if you’re game for something retro or want to make a statement at a party, follow this group’s example.

The band’s look is easy to attain by dropping by a local thrift shop, but if you don’t want to scavenge for unique clothes and accessories, you can look online. Vintage clothing websites are few and far between, but if you’ve got the time to search, sometimes you can find some pretty awesome, one-of-a-kind items. Now, whether or not you’re in a band, you can channel your inner rock star and dress like one too. Okay? Go.