Why is this man smiling? Because he’s on top of the world. Robert Downey Jr. will be king at the box office soon with the release of Iron Man 2, but he also rules the red carpet with his standout suits, shades and sneakers. He’s got a penchant for style and making the ladies swoon, so read on to learn how to make his look your own.

He’s got it made in the shades

On and off screen, Downey wears the sickest shades. He shows that four eyes are better than two when you wear badass frames. Above he’s sporting a classy pair of sunglasses with custom lenses by Oliver Peoples, which can be found here. They’re an update to the popular Wayfarer look. He wore another pair of specs by Oliver Peoples here at the Kids’ Choice Awards. They’re pretty nifty with the flip-up lenses. Now, you may recall the Ray Bans he wore in this scene from Iron Man. You can get yours here.


He also stood out on the red carpet at last year’s Golden Globe Awards in these titanium shades by John Varvatos. They’re a great deviation from the traditional aviator style. Sunglasses are great accessories that can make a statement without overshadowing your outfit. They’re often complementary and serve an instant update to any look.

In living color

Downey often color coordinates his ensembles. Notice the red hue of his lenses, tie and shoes in the photo above. Also, note that in an earlier photo, he synched his blue bow tie with blue lenses in his glasses. These combinations are a little over-the-top for everyday, but it’s not a bad idea to let a splash of color spice up your look. It’s best to let one piece, like your shirt or an accessory, carry the weight of the color. Keep the rest of your look simple with dark or muted colors, so that your one colorful item stands out.

Can you kick it? Get down with these sneaks

Downey likes to tone down his formal style with laid-back kicks. Check him out, and his wife Susan Downey, in the photo above from the Academy Awards. He’s wearing dark sneakers with white trim like these bad boys by Creative Recreation and these by Cole Haan. He’s also been seen out and about wearing these metallic sneaks by Alejandro Ingelmo. See here. Designer kicks come with a hefty price tag, so if you’re on a budget, shop around or if you plan to keep things relatively casual, reach for the old standby Chucks.

I can respect Downey’s decision to wear designer sneakers with his suits. Who doesn’t love a combination of comfort and style, right? My only suggestion would be that he get his pants tailored, so that they don’t appear so slouchy in photos. This could easily be resolved by modifying the hem, which is a quick and inexpensive fix. If you like his tan suit, check out this cotton version by Ralph Lauren. It’s lightweight and perfect for warm weather.

Oh no he didn’t

It’s acceptable to wear a white suit in the summertime with a nice button up or tee, especially if you find yourself partying on a boat, in the Riviera or at P. Diddy’s White Party in the Hamptons, but in the photo above, Downey veers way off course. I’ll cut him some slack because he was attending a party hosted by Dolce & Gabanna, and his entire outfit is D&G, but seriously, this look is not appealing. What the eff, Downey? A golfer’s hat can be really cool, but here it doesn’t make the cut. Let’s leave the shiny shirt and gilded shoes at home too.

Another cautionary note is that orange does not make for an attractive hair color, especially if your facial hair is a mix of brown and gray. If you have dark hair and wish to go blonde, see a skilled stylist to avoid looking so unnatural.

This man is on fire

Even when dressing down, Downey still evinces style. By pairing a simple black blazer with a pair of dark jeans, he looks pulled together and comfortable. It’s a good idea to purchase a basic black jacket like this one. Let it become a wardrobe staple. It’s such an easy item to throw on as you walk out the door.

While you may not be a bazillionaire superhero like Downey’s Iron Man character Tony Stark, you can still look like a million bucks and mirror the actor’s style by donning the right sunglasses, shoes, and clothes. Now, go out and save the world, or at least update your closet.