By: Shanon Watson

Tom Ford has transformed the face of fashion. He is rarely ever seen wearing anything other than a suit. With a mix of marketing and creative genius, he revived the Gucci label in the early nineties, and now, he is on his own, reigning over an empire of menswear, fragrances and eyewear. Check out his entire line here.

You’ve gotta suit up

He’s striking, isn’t he? Here’s how can you get his look. Start by buying a suit. I cannot reiterate enough how important it is to invest in a suit, even if you own only one. If you take care of it, it could last you a lifetime. Of course Ford only wears designer duds, mainly his own designs, but you can purchase a well-tailored suit for a few hundred dollars, and it will last you years. Invest!

Man in black

Ford’s go to suit color is black. A black suit is the epitome of formal and goes with anything. Here his jacket has a slightly exaggerated, silk lapel. It’s a subtle detail that makes his look unique. Also, the lapel is wider than normal but not ostentatious. You can score a similar tuxedo jacket here. However, I’d recommend keeping things subtle by going for this slim cut jacket by Calvin Klein. It’s modern and sexy, and it will outlive any trends. Be sure to pair your suit with a crisp white shirt, like this one.

Double O’s

Here he is donning the 007 cocktail party look. Speaking of Bond, Ford landed the deal as Bond’s tailor for the movie “Quantum of Solace.” He designed hundreds of suits. Some of them were fire retardant and contained extra padding for the stunt doubles. Now, I doubt you need a suit with these specifications, but if you did, Ford would be the man for the job.

You can score a similar white jacket from Ford’s spring line. See here. Or, if you’re on a budget, check out this one. Pair it with a pair of black slacks for some double agent allure à la Sean Connery. See here. Need a fancy, black bow-tie? Go here. This ensemble is rather costume-like, so reserve it for an appropriate occasion.

Arch your…necktie

If you look closely, you can see that beneath Ford’s necktie, there is a gold collar pin. This pin helps arch the tie. Find a similar collar pin here. This trend has been around for ages. Even ol’ Frank Sinatra used a collar pin to keep his tie neatly arched. If you look closely, you can see him wearing one here. The look is sophisticated and adds an unexpected element of style.

Wear the bomb shades

Above are some sunglasses with a little character. The lenses may scream trucker, but with the contrasting black aviator frames, the look is fresh and intimidating. Find a similar pair here. Ford has a full line of classy shades, which are favorites of many celebrities. In this photo, Brad Pitt is wearing a pair, which you can find here. These aviators are more traditional and go with almost anything. However, if you’re looking for something a bit bolder, go for these.

Appeal to the senses

At the end of the day, Ford knows how to market himself and his products. He proves that sex sells. Have you seen his advertisements? Check out this racy ad for sunglasses and this one for cologne. Can we say scandalous? His provocative cologne ads have been labeled “vaginads,” and for good reason. They often feature naked ladies with precariously poised merchandise. I don’t know if his cologne will attract women to you like moths to a flame, but these ads sure are sexy and make me want to go out and buy a few bottles. Wow. Is it getting warm in here?

Women always appreciate when a man smells good, so I’d recommend finding a signature fragrance. Cologne reacts with your body to create a unique smell, so try on several scents, and find one that suits you well. If you’re not sure if something suits you, enlist the assistance of an attractive female to help you find a fragrance that works for you and appeals to her senses.

Rock star status

So, Ford is kind of like a rock star amid the world of fashion. As seen above, ladies love him and will jump at the opportunity to have him sign their bosoms. He’s not exactly straight, but that doesn’t keep women from hurling their bodies at him.

While we can’t all be high fashion megastars, who drink martinis with Madonna, we can all make efforts to dress like them. And then, my friend, you’re halfway there.