You got a woman back to your place—congrats. You do realize you still have to impress her once she’s there, right? Possessing one mere fragrance candle isn’t enough… and that fishbowl full of condoms? You need to shit-can that asap alongside your shot glass collection. Sorry.

If you want to show off your sense of style and keep females coming back for more, listen up. Lucky for you, Frank Sinatra existed. You know, the Italian-American crooner who stole the hearts of young girls everywhere and eventually went on to bed beauties like Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner and Lana Turner? Wouldn’t it be great if you could tour and study his pad?

Well, we just saved you a trip. We got an up-close look at Sinatra’s legendary midcentury estate, Twin Palms, where he lived in his 30s. God knows how many debaucherous things ensued in this Palm Springs paradise. Here are a few style tips from The Sultan of Swoon’s desert lair to help you craft a quintessential bachelor pad. Take notes, then do it your way. (And by your way we mean his way.)

Sinatra Sound System - Photo by Gregg Rosenzweig 11. Have a Solid Sound System
Never ever underestimate what the rich sound of Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ can do when coupled with Crown Royal on the rocks. (And I mean that in the least Bill Cosby sort of way possible.) A quality sound system sets the right tone for post-date festivities and midnight hookup sessions. This one at Frankie’s pad is from the ’50s and only flies vinyl, but you could easily unleash seductive tunes with a classy number from Astell&Kern. Or drop your iPhone on a quality sound dock from Bose. Either way, the right music… huge. Pro tip: Stay away from Ace of Base’s All That She Wants when crafting your playlist. Total mood killer. Turns out all that she wants… is another baby.

new bed lscp 80D_1342 22. Have a Good Bed, and Make It
No girl wants to end a date in that twin bed you spanked it in all through college. Check out the Chairman of the Board’s situation. Nice, right? And orange… his favorite color. As with most things sexual, size matters. The bigger, the better. Think queen or king. And don’t skimp on those sheets – go with a 500 thread count or higher. French or Italian, even better. You want your lady friend to feel at home between your sheets, not like she’s sleeping on Justin Turner’s beard.

Sinatra Lvg rm w pool 33. Let There Be Lights… and Good Ones
While we’re in the bedroom, consider that optimal lighting is crucial. Without it, a woman might not see you in the right light. Don’t relinquish all your scene-setting brilliance to a one-speed, Chewbacca-inducing, zillion gigawatt halogen. Find a versatile table lamp or wall sconce that can be dimmed to accentuate her finest features. Eff that spotlight, which illuminates acne scars, tattoo removals and otherwise, a lifetime of poor decision-making.

Sinatra Casita 44. Walls Matter, Don’t Neglect Them
Instead of spending 60 hours in a Home Depot trying to decipher the difference between “Silk Gown” and “Innocence” (it’s all white!), may we interest you in cool custom wallpaper? Don’t laugh—wallpaper is back. Maybe not exactly how it’s being used in Sinatra’s guest casita as a lush green, wall-to-ceiling print. But rather, in a tasteful, vibe-setting, accent wall kind of way—possibly behind your headboard. That way, when you fly her to the moon, you can do it in style.

Sinatra painting 5
5. Display a Tasteful Piece of Art
Not that he had anything to prove, but there’s an original piece of Sinatra’s own artwork on display at Twin Palms. If you’ve painted (well), she should know. Always a good idea to show off your artistic side if you’re planning a Netflix and chill kind of evening. It worked for this musician/artist/mobbed up celebrity icon. It could work for you!

palm trees 66. Find a Signature Element That Pops for You
It may be gone now, but at Twin Palms, Sinatra had a flagpole where he would hoist a Jack Daniels flag high in the air between his twin palm trees—indicating to his Movie Colony neighbors that it was time to party. Granted, it might be hard to shoehorn a flagpole into your 800-square-foot apartment in the city. But definitely add some kind of signature element to your surroundings if you can. A sentimental photo. A cool houseplant. A wall hanging from your worldly travels.

If you can’t think of anything, you can always just borrow a cherry red Fender Stratocaster (like you can do at the Hard Rock) and prop it on display in your bedroom. If there’s one thing we learned from the Pamela and Tommy Lee video, it’s that chicks really dig guitars.

You’d just better know how to play it.

Photos courtesy of Beau Monde Villas