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Mo Tip of the Day

Moustache wax isn’t just for shaping; it has restorative properties that keep your mo health …


Mo Fact of the Day

A sideburns/moustache combination is known as a “General Lee.” It is also known as “exceedin …


Mo Tip of the Day

A simple homemade moustache wax can be made from equal parts beeswax and petroleum jelly, me …


Mo Fact of the Day

The Fu Manchu is better known as a mo style these days than for its namesake: A character in …


Mo Fact of the Day

The World Beard and Moustache Championships is a biennial competition that began in Germany …


Mo Fact of the Day

Frank Zappa’s signature combination of the chevron moustache and soulpatch is now known as “ …


Mo Tip of the Day

Keep your stache silky-soft by using a small amount of hair conditioner on it in the shower.


Mo Tip of the Day

In Victorian England, men often used moustache spoons, utensils designed specifically to shi …


Mo Fact of the Day

Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz won seven gold medals while sporting a mustache. He joked that it …


Mo Tip of the Day

Never trim a wet mustache. Wet hair appears longer, and when it dries you might discover you …


Mo Fact of the Day

Groucho Marx, world famous comic and mo-bearer, wore a fake mustache early in his career. Af …


Mo Fact of the Day

U.S. Marines are not allowed to wear any facial hair apart from a mustache, which may not ex …


MoTip of the Day

Wash, dry and brush your mo daily. It’s a magnet for bits of food and lint, and no one likes …


Mo Fact of the Day

In 1967, The Beatles gave away cardboard mustaches with their album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hea …


Mo Fact of the Day

Four U.S. Presidents are known for having rocked the stache: Chester A. Arthur, Grover Cleve …