Smooth Moves! Groom to Get the Job

Looking sharp can give you an edge in a tough job market. Here are a few simple grooming tips to separate you from the competition.

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Mo Fact of the Day

Throughout his life, Ernest Hemingway was known to alternate frequently between a moustache and a full beard.


Mo Tip of the Day

Moustache wax isn’t just for shaping; it has restorative properties that keep your mo healthy and supple.


Mo Fact of the Day

A sideburns/moustache combination is known as a “General Lee.” It is also known as “exceedingly badass.”


Mo Tip of the Day

A simple homemade moustache wax can be made from equal parts beeswax and petroleum jelly, melted together and allowed to ...


Mo Fact of the Day

The Fu Manchu is better known as a mo style these days than for its namesake: A character in author Sax Rohmer’s crime n ...


Mo Fact of the Day

The World Beard and Moustache Championships is a biennial competition that began in Germany in 1990.


Mo Fact of the Day

Frank Zappa’s signature combination of the chevron moustache and soulpatch is now known as “The Zappa.”


Mo Tip of the Day

Keep your stache silky-soft by using a small amount of hair conditioner on it in the shower.


Mo Tip of the Day

In Victorian England, men often used moustache spoons, utensils designed specifically to shield one’s moustache while ea ...


Mo Fact of the Day

Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz won seven gold medals while sporting a mustache. He joked that it deflected water from his mo ...


Mo Tip of the Day

Never trim a wet mustache. Wet hair appears longer, and when it dries you might discover you’ve trimmed too much.


Mo Fact of the Day

Groucho Marx, world famous comic and mo-bearer, wore a fake mustache early in his career. After realizing how great it w ...


Mo Fact of the Day

U.S. Marines are not allowed to wear any facial hair apart from a mustache, which may not exceed a half an inch in lengt ...


MoTip of the Day

Wash, dry and brush your mo daily. It’s a magnet for bits of food and lint, and no one likes a dirty lip.


Mo Fact of the Day

In 1967, The Beatles gave away cardboard mustaches with their album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

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