These days, there are specialty online dating sites for all kinds of humans. Little people. Pot fiends. Mustache lovers. (No, really.) And now there’s one for well-off guys who’d like to put their money to work for them. In the cause of sleeping with hot chicks. Legally. It’s called, and from what they tell us, it’s “a new Internet
 dating site that connects financially established men with women 
interested in the ‘sugar’ lifestyle.” Attractive women, that is. They’re even offering Kelsey Grammer – who just got engaged to a foxy 29-year-old flight attendant – one million bucks to be their spokesperson.

All of this leads us to just one question: How old and how rich does a guy have to be to use the site? “Being a sugar daddy is not about being an old, rich, lecherous millionaire,” CEO Paul Madison explains. “It’s about being a mature, financially stable man who can afford to make a woman’s life less stressful by covering bills here and there. To a 20-something student trying to figure out how she’ll pay for books next semester, a guy in his thirties with a good job and the resources to pick up a nice-sized dinner tab is a potential sugar daddy.”

Damn, he sells it like a champ. And it’s apparently not just about the money. Madison adds that many young women dig an experienced fella with “more wisdom, more perspective, and fewer plastic utensils.” For busy types, the site even offers a live-person concierge service that matches guys with women that fit his lifestyle and, um, budget. Wow. It’s amazing how much better “live-person concierge service” sounds than other ways of describing that sorta thing…