Remember summer camp? Whether it was sleeping by a lake or playing baseball games all day long, camps were a great part of many of our childhoods. But why do they have to remain in the past? Although gone are the days of taking a month off to go play in the woods, sport camps for adults do exist, and they are awesome. In fact, they might be more valuable now because you have the mind to actually grasp what your instructor is telling you. There is massive variety as well. Check out our list of some camps so sweet you’ll forget childhood.

Bull Riding Camp

This is no typo, at this camp, you ride bulls. Apparently as we have aged, camps have gotten way cooler. Located in Llano, CA, The Ranch at Jesus Canyon offers a number of extreme sports camps, though none more popular than bull riding. The best part might be the cost, $250. That would barely cover the morning of one of your kids’ soccer camps. The Ranch has some safety equipment for you to use, but they do recommend you bring some of your own as well, to make sure it fits. The bull riding experience is a one day course and only happens every month or two, so watch the events calendar before heading to Cali. Still unsure? Just consider the question the Ranch asks all of us, “What it 8 seconds could change your life?”

The EDGE – Extreme Survival Adventure

With the economy, oil spills, and another season of Jersey Shore, we all understand that nuclear winter is just around the corner. To prepare, you best sign up for survival camp. Possible the most useful of all adult camps, this 6 day course will teach you to keep your cool when the shit really hits the fan. Mark Wienert, Jr is the founder and instructor, and he just happens to consult for a show called Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls. After the training portion of the course, you will be given a knife, flint, canteen and the clothes on your back and sent into the wilds of Northern California. You have to rely the shelter-building, fire-starting and food-catching skills learned during the week to survive. We would like to tell you more about the camp, but details are kept purposefully vague as to prevent you from preparing ahead of time. Awesome.

Mario Andretti/Jeff Gordon Racing School

Even as you have criticized NASCAR for being a bunch of left turns, you have secretly wondered what it would be like to go 170 mph and be married to Ingrid Vandebosch. Well now is your chance. Join the Mario Andretti or Jeff Gordon racing schools at a number of real life NASCAR or Indy Speedway tracks across the country and get behind the wheel of actual race cars. We recommend purchasing the “World Champion” package which allows you 4 Solo-driving, 8-minute sessions on the track along with 2 15-minute two car sessions so you can swap some paint (editor’s note: schools do not make promise of allowing paint swapping, but rubbin ‘s racin after all). Also, as the price of the packages increases, so does the allowable top speed, which goes up to 170 mph. Can’t afford the top package ($3,000)? No worries, this is 2010, financing is available.

Incredible Adventures – Covert Ops

The Incredible Adventures’ slogan says it all, “Life is either an Incredible Adventure…or nothing at all.” We save these guys for last for a couple reasons, mainly because they have so many ridiculously cool fantasy camps that it took awhile to choose just one. We overlooked Top Gun (fighter planes, duh), Tank driving, Skydiving Everest and Swimming with Sharks to settle on Covert Ops. We chose this because, not only is completely awesome to turn yourself into a weapon of protection for your family and America, but we’re afraid of heights and didn’t want to puke. Your training begins the moment you sign up for the course. You are sent a sign that you must watch for to recognize your driver at the airport and then you are given further instructions. For 3 days you are completely immersed in the Covert Ops world, learning and using hand-to-hand combat, shooting skills, booby-traps, espionage and more. Everything is treated as if you are an elite member of the military with an important mission (which you are) not a civilian with an office job (which you are not). Shooting, evasive driving, counter-surveillance and a hostage rescue all make up a weekend you can brag about to your kids for years. Actually, if you tell, you’ll have to kill them.

As an adult you may not have the freedom you did as a 10-year old, but you do have money, which counts for a lot when finding a super sweet summer camp.