Sporting pit stains at the office is not a good look. But flip flops and tank tops won’t do either. So how do you stay cool and still look professional? Here are a few summer workwear tips that won’t make you sweat.

1. Sport a polo shirt.
If your workplace dress code allows it, ditch the shirt and tie and go for a fitted polo instead. The polo is the T-shirt’s dressier cousin, and it’s great for a warm work day. To avoid looking like your dad on the golf course, go for a more fitted style and leave it untucked. 

2. Lighten with linen.
Breathable and lightweight linen is the fabric of summer. But wear it with caution—it can easily turn into resort wear. You don’t want to look like an old leathery guy on a cruise with his chest hair hanging out. Look for a tailored fit, rather than something billowy. And try different colors—it doesn’t have to be white. A cotton linen blend shirt in blue would be perfect tucked into khaki chinos.

3. Ditch the dark colors.
One easy way to stay cool is to wear lighter colors. Whether you wear suits to work or pants and a shirt, ditch the black and navy. Invest in khaki or light gray, and finish the look with brown suede dress shoes.

4. Fitted short-sleeve shirts are your friends.
long with the polo, a short-sleeved button-up shirt is another way to be professional yet comfortable this summer. For work, go for more conservative patterns like plaids and solids. And, as always, tailoring is everything. The sleeves should be fitted but not tight, and you want the overall fit to be slim, not boxy.

5. Wear no-show socks: Bare ankles are in this summer. Along with your fitted chinos and the perfect tan shoe, let those ankles free. Just be sure to wear no-show socks; no matter what season it is, smelly feet are always a don’t.

Photo: Getty Images/Royalty-free/Image Source