If you’re short 500 mil and the bookies are at your door, as a last ditch attempt host the Super Bowl!

New research shows that hosting the Super Bowl earned the local economy in Glendale, Arizona an impressive $500.6 million in direct and indirect spending.

Graduate students researching the buying habits of Super Bowl attendees conducted their fact finding mission during the 10 days leading up to the game, and the two days following it.

The students from Arizona State University’s Business School asked the straight forward questions, like ‘how long are you staying for the game?’, ‘where did you fly in from?’, ‘how many souvenir t-shirts did you buy?’, etc.

However, there seems to be some more obvious questions that went unasked. The surveying methods of these students would have garnered more accurate results if they queried:

  1. Is your wife or mistress traveling with you this week?
  2. How much did you drink tonight?
  3. How much of that did you steal?
  4. How many ‘Puck the Fatriots’ hats do you really need?
  5. You, Sir, are as red as a strawberry. May I suggest buying sunblock?
  6. How bad do you plan on trashing your hotel room on the off chance the Giants win?
  7. How many hours of medical attention will you need at the local hospital?
  8. Why don’t you hand over your wallet? It’s for a survey, I promise

In spite of these obvious oversights, that 500 million number is definitely huge. I’m sure the great climate and location of the game, in addition to two of the wealthiest sports markets in the country competing in it added greatly to this take.

Taking that into consideration, the worst earning Super Bowl would probably take place in Alaska in early February, pitting a team from Montana against a team from Idaho. I’d still watch it though, as long as Tony Kornheiser wasn’t announcing the game.

Is hosting the Super Bowl worth all the extra headache? What if it sucks, can you live with that? Let us know in the comments section.

ASU News: Super Bowl generated $500 million, April 29, 2008