When it comes to "Super-sexy Super Villain Babes", Michelle set the bar pretty high with her portrayal of Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992).  Tim Burton, who directed Batman Returns (and it’s predecessor, Batman, in 1988), brought a dark, gothic tone to the Batman universe, and Michelle’s portrayal of the villainous vixen complimented Burton’s vision perfectly.  While previous incarnations of Catwoman portrayed her as a mischeivous woman obsessed with cats, Michelle presented us with a cat trapped in a babe’s body, which is just fine with us.  Any time a sexy woman dresses in a latex bodysuit and moves with feline mannerisms, that’s a good thing; a VERY good thing.


There has never been a better casting decision in the history of entertainment than the casting of Sarah as Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.  Sarah was able to handle the wacky, off-beat tone of the first couple of seasons of the show, combatting non-vampiric foes like the Mantis Woman and a Zombie Cat (literally) with the same tenacity and strength that she later used against stronger, more serious foes, like Angel and Spike.  Her "I am ironically in love with a vampire" sob-fests were as convincing as her mid-fight, sharp-witted retorts.  We’re still wondering why an incredibly hot chick like Buffy would choose to be-friend a couple of nerds and a librarian, though. In fairness, Willow turned into a stone cold fox in later seasons, but what was up with Xander?



Can we assume that Jaime Summers was hot before she suffered a terrible accident and was subsequently rebuilt, or did the hotness arise during the rebuilding process itself? It’s tough to say for sure.  We know that she was a relatively insignificant person before her accident (a tennis instructor in the original series, and a bartender in the 2007 remake series).  We’d like to think that the scientists, upon seeing the mangled, nearly-dead body of an incredibly hot babe, thought to themselves, "Holy crap, that’s a really hot babe right there that’s on the verge of death!  I’d like to rebuild that hot babe…and maybe we’ll give her some laser eyes while we’re at it".  However, it’s also perfectly plausible to assume that, when rebuilding an average-looking girl, any good scientist would give in to the urge to tweek a few things here and there, in order to make the end product both super-human and super-hot.  Whatever the case, Michelle Ryan fits the role of Super-Human-Babe perfectly.


First, we know what you’re thinking: "Wait a minute.  Aeon Flux is not a superhero. She’s simply a trained secret agent, and furthermore, the movie had very little correlation to the animated series that it was based on", and you’re absolutely right.  However, we chose to disregard those important points because in the film version of Aeon Flux (2005), Charlize Theron blows a lot of people to smithereens while wearing a skin-tight, black spandex bodysuit, and  we can all agree that Charlize in a spandex bodysuit is more convincing than factual evidence of any kind.  Also, Charlize catches a fly with her eyelashes in this movie.  Show us someone who can actually catch a fly with their eyelashes, and we’ll agree that Aeon Flux has no super powers.


 Everyone loves Hayden, and everyone loves cheerleaders, so her role as Claire on NBC’s Heroes is a match made in heaven.  Everyone also loves the idea of an indestructable cheerleader.  Not only would she be helpful to have around, but she would make the high school pep rallies so much more interesting.  Imagine if they could toss her thirty feet in the air, and then deliberately miss her, with no negative consequences.  We would pull a "Never Been Kissed" move and sneak back into high school just to see that.  The only downside would be that if Claire were real, that would also mean that there was a cabal of super villains trying to destroy the world, so maybe we’re better off just watching the non-invincible cheerleaders do their thing.


No list of superhero babes would be complete without the inclusion of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.  She’s the iconic female superhero, and her depiction of the character on the Wonder Woman television series (1976) , besides becoming a timeless classic, also serves as a symbol of feminine strength and ideals during its brief time on the air.  Lynda Carter was really hot, the Wonder Woman costume was really skimpy, and the combination was enough to get even the most chauvanistic viewer to tune in.


We’ll admit that we slept through a large portion of Elektra (2005) Nonetheless, Jennifer sported a skimpy red costume for some of the film, had some pretty sweet ninja moves, and totally dominated the more intricate psychological elements of the character, namely her obsessive compulsive tendancies.  In our humble opion, any role that calls for Jennifer to run around in as little clothes as possible is worth the price of admission.


Uma is arguable one of the most versatile actors working today.  She can play comedic roles, action roles, and romantic roles.  She can be a hero or a villain.  She can kick major ninja ass, and she can be fragile and vulnerable.  It seems that there’s nothing that she can’t do.  Therefore, it was appropriate to cast her as an "every-superhero-combined" character in My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006).  It’s a combination of comedy and action, and Uma plays it perfectly.  While the script leaves us wanting a little more, Uma’s performance more than compensates for weaknesses elsewhere.  To be honest, we had some trouble deciding whether to put Uma on the list for this film, or for her portrayal of Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin.  Then we realized that mentioning Batman & Robin may cause people to remember that film, which nobody should ever do…ever.  We’ve already mentioned it though, so now you’re thinking about it.  Just scroll up and get lost in the Uma picture above until you forget all about it.  Go ahead, take your time.