Remember the Concorde? It sure seemed like a great way to fly, considering that it flew about twice as fast as traditional planes. But apparently, that thing was damn expensive, and it never became viable for everyday commercial flights. So that’s a shame. Someone should really do something about it.

Hey, look at that, someone did. An aviation company out of Colorado called Boom has created a mini jet that flies at sound barrier-breaking speeds. While the Concorde could reach mach 2, these guys have created a jet that flies at mach 2.2, which is nearly 1,500 miles per hour, and 2.6 times faster than your typical airline. That makes it history’s fastest civilian aircraft. So, in summary, it’s fast.

Their design, called the XB-1, is a one-third scale version of what could become a larger commercial plane in the future. It’s meant to demonstrate key technologies for efficient supersonic flight, like advanced aerodynamic design, propulsion systems and lightweight carbon composite materials that can withstand those kinds of speeds.

Their first flight is planned for next year, and their hope is to eventually make such travel obtainable for everyone. It could really change the game, as businesspeople and tourists alike could skip from NYC to London in just over three hours, or cross the Pacific in less than six.

Sure, but how’s the food?