According to an article in Reuters, twenty percent of Americans think winning the lottery is the best way to get rich. Another 11 percent thought it would be inheriting money. That is scary. Fifty five percent did say saving money was the best way. Even more disturbing was the fact that if the respondents made less than 25K they were much more likely to come up with the lottery answer. Also reported was the fact that 5 percent of America had a net wealth of over $1 million and 10 percent had a net worth of less than 0. They also reported that half of everyone asked had no idea what net worth meant. I can’t make this stuff up. Financial planners believe that half of all young people could save $1 million in thirty years while only 10 percent of the young people asked thought the were capable. I think this article explains many of the problems of today. It also proves that people reading my blog are much more likely to be wealthy.