Film maker Yassine Ouhilal accompanied pro shredders Matt Whitehead, Cyrus Sutton, Christian Wach, and Patt Millin to the Arctic Circle in order to (what else?) go on an extreme surfing expedition.

The photography is much more beautiful than they must have felt during the trip – which occurred in Spring when temperatures hover around freezing. But, there must be some method to their madness? A reason that they drove, hiked, swam and flew to the middle of nowhere to ride frozen giants? There is. It’s because they don’t like you. They wanted to get out of the crowded waves of the non-Arctic cylinder (a geographic term we just invented), and into the wild.  Here’s an excerpt from the article in “Outside” about their motivations from Super Tight Stuff:

For this session there are no cameras, no poses, nothing to prove. We’re just three people floating in the Arctic Ocean, surfing a wave that’s been breaking alone for tens of thousands of years. We’re the first to feel its shape, trace its movements, be a part of this big, marvelous, living thing. An hour later, as we pull ourselves from the water and retrace our steps back to the van, everyone is smiling. Whitehead names the break Broken Hearts, after a local Ballstad girl who shirked his advances last week. “To me, that makes it all worth it,” says Ouhilal. “To do this—it’s a very special thing.”

For one more tiny taste, check out Ouhilal’s short film below.