So we’re living in tech times and you’re trying to meet women. Frequenting the produce section in your local grocery store isn’t producing any luck with the ladies.

Sure, there’s a surplus of dating apps—Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Happn, Bumble—but your thumb is cramping up and you’re bored of swiping. So how do you meet women in the digital age without resorting to mass-messaging women, which, more often than not, leads to nothing more than mundane conversation after you talk about your one good picture atop Machu Picchu?

Check out these alternative, unconventional ways of meeting women that also don’t require you to leave your living room to make, dare we say, organic connections.

The app’s latest iteration gives you the option to share a ride—and the cost—of your commute with another person headed in a similar direction. It also functions much like blind dating, even the source of many Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” ads. You won’t be the only person looking for love on your way home from a night out; the phenomenon has gotten some commuters laid.

Instagram is a breeding ground for social stalkers—which rose to the next level when the app installed direct messaging. It’s also a filtered curation of your life, embellished with the sole intention of enticing others—i.e. hookup prospects. One couple, Erica Harris and Arte Vann, even found love on Instagram via their, er, poetic profiles. They got married immediately upon meeting face-to-face in the airport.

With the slogan “Find your people,” Meetup caters to those looking for nearby city-dwellers with shared interests. Simply enter virtually anything you’re into—films, literature, cats, snowboarding, traditional Malaysian dance, and then leave your apartment and attend those groups’ events. There are legitimately gatherings like NYC Asian Speed Dating: Marriage and Monogamy Minded Social on the schedule. It doesn’t get much more, ahem, laid out for you than that.

Meet My Dog
Did your mother ever tell you to go for a walk in the dog park and maybe you’ll meet a nice girl? Meet My Dog is a location-based social app that lets you make the pup-version of Tinder for your dog…to meet other dogs. Which also means that you’ll get to meet their owners, and your “dog” can find a new friend.

If you’re not into meeting strangers alone, you can tag team instead. With Grouper, you can anonymously choose friends of friends to meet, and when you make a match, Grouper will set up drinks between your friends and theirs, without even forcing you to exchange any awkward messages. Just show up. If it fails, you’ve got your friends as backup.

What better way to meet strangers than over good food? BonAppetour lets travelers and locals alike find home-cooked meals at other locals’ residences. Hosts cook for you so you can experience city cultures… or just meet new people, perhaps a forever friend. This one seems like it could set the scene for a rom com… or a horror flick. So just maybe be cautious of hosts offering “sensory dining experiences,” where you might not be able to distinguish between a seduction tactic and a murder plot.