Though few men will ever face a true survival challenge, most of us like the idea of feeling prepared should one ever arise. That’s why we ogle the merchandise at R.E.I., watch any half-baked man-versus-nature show the Discovery Channel throws our way and carry our Swiss Army knives to the supermarket — because you never, man, you just never know.

Embrace your inner bushcrafter this holiday season with a survival kit in a can. Lightweight, compact and totally free of sardines, this convenient cache of tools and trappings is a must-have for today’s survivor on the go. With 25 potentially life-saving items, including medical supplies, fishing gear, a miniature compass and a book of matches, you’ll be living off the land in no time, provided the wolves don’t get you first. And if they do, well then, congratulations: You just died like a man — a survivor man.

$9.99 at ThinkGeek