By C.A. Prescott 

For any man, deciding to wear eco-friendly clothing does not mean that your wardrobe is destined to a life of restrictions, regarding style and versatility. While rocking vintage apparel is certainly one option for making any man’s wardrobe more green, numerous eco-friendly lines exist that are fashionable and functional in design. You do not have to be an environmental fanatic to appreciate the beauty and innovation, behind the top green menswear collections. Nowadays, green clothing lines are about being smart and stylish, at the same time providing consumers with fashion they truly love wearing. Lucky for us, socially and environmentally conscious clothing is becoming widely available, presenting consumers with countless options when it comes to purchasing eco-friendly apparel.

Why Wear Eco-Friendly Fashion

Cotton serves as the foundation for the majority of our wardrobes. Unfortunately, many of the chemicals used to grow cotton are considered possible sources of human carcinogens. This is the reason why certified organic cotton is becoming increasingly popular.

If you are trying to embrace a green lifestyle, ask yourself a couple of questions the next time you go shopping. What chemicals were used to grow the source of this fabric, and what sort of dye was used on it during the production process? Who made this garment, and were they paid a fair wage?

What Does It Offer

The man who craves quality fabrics in his life can find green apparel in materials like recycled cashmere, organic cotton, and even 100% recycled polyester. Regardless of your needs, our three favorite lines have a little something for everyone. These companies are diligent in terms of educating themselves, on every aspect of how and where their products are produced throughout the world.


Due to the rock star driving force behind it (also known as Bono), Edun is one of the highest profile eco-friendly clothing lines available today. Founded by U2’s Bono, his wife Ali Hewson, and designer Rogan, Edun promotes trade as opposed to aid for Africa. The company mission states, "Edun is a contemporary lifestyle brand founded with the mission to encourage trade in Africa and build awareness of what is possible there." Edun focuses on using organic materials, and actually stimulating economic growth and development in developing countries. In terms of apparel, Edun (nude spelled backward) presents a line that centers around true labor consciousness, and empowerment for people in the countries of origin.

The Kenyan Tree Print Basic TeeMade from 100% organic cotton, it is available in the color smoke. We love this tee, because of its subtle color and creative pattern., $60.00.

The Denim Slim Fit Jean. Featuring a cotton/spandex blend in the color Sahara wash, these jeans are comfortable and stylish with a lived-in vibe., $198.00.


Based out of Portland Oregon, Nau (pronounced "now") is one of our favorite lines. As a company, Nau focuses on creating socially conscious fashion for men and women, concerned about maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. "All aspects of our business – from the product to the business model – are an extension of who we are and how we live. We design for ourselves, first. If we won’t wear it, why should you. The same goes for business: if we can’t stand behind the decisions we make, why should you. So, in that sense, we’re a little self-absorbed." If you like apparel with classic colors and design, Nau presents a timeless collection with immense aesthetic appeal.

Lightbeam Jacket. A jacket made from 100% recycled polyester, the Lightbeam is water-resistant and perfect for travel. As the lightest jacket available through Nau, it is versatile in terms of function., $175.00.

Populus Short. Crafted from a crisp organic cotton poplin, and featuring a slim-fit. This lightweight short hits just below the knee, and is deal for spring and summer., $85.00.

Regular Straight Jean. Made from the finest organic denim, that is untreated and healthier for the environment compared to most designer denim. The untreated denim provides a comfortably soft, but durable fabric in a classic cut., $180.00.

Lightbeam Shirt. Made from 100% recycled polyester, the water-resistant fabric is a soft weave, that provides protection from the elements. Equally as adaptable as the jacket, the lightbeam shirt is also ideal for travel around the world or hanging out in your city., $105.00.

Twill Cargo Pant. A heavyweight organic cotton twill, with a touch of spandex for comfort. Versatile cargo pants that present an updated style., $90.00.

Alternative Earth

Alternative Earth is a lifestyle apparel brand, that is earth-friendly and stylish in terms of its design. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia this company maintains showrooms in Los Angeles and New York. A premium apparel line, Alternative Earth focuses on social responsibility throughout the world.

Aa6005 Organic Crew. A unisex regular fit tee, made from certified 100% organic cotton. Satin garment washed to provide the smooth texture we love in a quality tee., $28.00.

Aa1980 Eco-Heather L/S Pullover Hoodie. Made from a blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and naturally occurring rayon. This pullover hoodie is available in a unisex fit., $38.00.

Aa9575 The Champ L/S Eco-Fleece Raglan. If you are a guy who loves wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, this item was made for you. It is also produced from a blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and naturally occurring rayon., $40.00.