The folks at Suzuki, who showed such poor, poor judgment in letting me test-drive one of their cars earlier this year, are back in the business of good decision-making with a new racing game for the iPad and iPhone. The Ring of Fire, which is only available on the PC at the moment, lets users drive a 2011 Kizashi SE and Kizashi Sport GTS through Tokyo, Siberia, Alaska and Los Angeles. Hence the name Ring of Fire, for the Pacific Ring of Fire. When the free app is available in the App Store, which should be soon, Suzuki will be the first automaker to release a performance racing game for the iPad and iPhone.

Suzuki sent me an iPad to play a test version the game. (Yes, I had to return the iPad.) Using the iPad as a steering wheel, I raced through the streets of Tokyo. The game play was fun and the design was cool. There is an all-wheel drive option, which makes sense, as it’s one of the selling points of the Kizashi. There also was a Boost option that let me drive in a super-fast warp mode. Sadly, it was not available in the Kizashi I test-drove this fall. Hey, no car is perfect. The coolest feature of all is the Brass Monkey technology that allows you to play the game on your computer while steering with your iPad or iPhone. 

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