A Swedish man in a Mercedes SLS AMG sports car was clocked at 290km/h, which is only 180 miles per hour. Who hasn’t been driving that fast?!  You must be thinking. And, you are right to think that. Most of us in L.A. drive that fast at least once a week, but that’s not the record he set.

For what we consider a relatively modest speed, this man was fined a shocking $1 million dollars. How is this possible? Because, in Sweden, the amount of the fine is based both on the speed of the driver and the wealth of the driver. It’s a pretty clever system, though the accused may disagree. 

As of now, the Swede’s AMG has been impounded and he is likely going to be forced to pay a daily fee of SFr3,600 for the next 300 days. At least they didn’t taze him, bro (see below) Via BBC

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