We love a cool collaboration (that’s col-lab-o-ra-tion, not “collab”) as much as anybody, so naturally we were intrigued to hear Skullcandy was teaming up with Budweiser. The result is this unique, retro-Americana speaker that just happens to be loaded with modern features.

We are talking drop-proof, water-resistant and super-loud thanks to Supreme Sound tech. We are by no means audio experts, but we started playing this baby as soon as it arrived in the office, and it’s rocking our world so far.

One of our biggest beefs with Bluetooth speakers is that inevitably, the battery just dies, killing the party without warning. Not a problem here as—along with a whopping 14 hours of battery life—three LED lights on the side indicate just what kinda juice you have left. There’s also an A/C adaptor should your soiree proceed deep into the wee hours.


Now, if you’re really digging the Budweiser graphics, you’ve gotta act fast. Only 1,000 units will be produced globally, available at select retailers tomorrow, October 7th. (A list of those retailers will appear on Skullcandy’s site as the sale begins.)

But even if you can’t get your hands on a Bud, relax. There are four strikingly stylish alternative Air Raids ($150 to $160) available right now on skullcandy.com. Our favorite is probably the camouflaged-themed “Real Tree,” but hey, they all go great with a six-pack…