The retro-cool Airstream trailer company has teamed up with the boys that make the contemporary-cool Swiss Army Knife to bring us the ultimate in functional, stylish, highway-speed adventure. 

This 19-foot trailer is 8 feet wide and 9.5 feet tall.  It’s net carrying capacity is 700 lbs, so it’s probably big enough for you and your lady, but not much more (maybe a manly, yet adorable dog).

The guts of this steel beast include a full-size mattress, a kitchen with oven, sink, and stove, and a dining area that folds into a secondary sleeping area.  There’s also a bathroom situated next to the bed, a fridge that’s somewhere between a full sized unit and a dorm fridge, and a host of Victorinox gear to outfit the camper.  The best gadgets they throw in are a Victorinox watch, a sweet multitool, a set of kitchen knives, and an all-weather duffel. 

You’ll have to move quickly, though, on this stylish deal.  Because only 125 of these $59,000 trailers are going to be manufactured in the U.S.  You can head to the site to preorder, check out more pictures, or take a 3D tour of the inside of the trailer. [Buy it]