“So, what have you been up to… for 20 years?”

Today’s fun surprise is that Trainspotting—the world’s most relatable movie about drug addicts who kill a baby—is about to have a baby! It even has a fun update on the iconic “Choose Life” speech that now adds revenge porn, slut-shaming, on-call work schedules and the choices dads make for their kids.

It’s fun! Somewhere between the feeling you get popping in an old movie for the first time in 20 years and looking up old friends. It’s also clear from Boyle’s relentless, groundbreaking film work since then (hello, Slumdog Millionaire, Steve Jobs) that this once scrappy title will do the same. Is that a GoPro on a microphone in a mosh pit?

If you need us for the rest of the day we’ll be Trainspotifying the soundtrack. Because, today, we choose life.