Ever wonder what Mister Claus settles down to after his 24-hour sleigh-riding, present-giving, cookie-eating escapade around the world on Christmas Eve? Turns out it’s bourbon.

We’d expect nothing less from a guy with a big ol’ beard.

But not just any bourbon. The jolly old elf is all about comfort, so he leans toward one infused with apple pie.

At least according to renowned mixologist Zach Blair, creator of Santa’s Nightcap. The head bartender of Whiteface Lodge’s Kanu Lounge in Lake Placid, New York, Blair is known for crafting bespoke cocktail creations. He asks the patrons a few simple questions and stirs up a drink right there on the spot.

Every once in a while, these epic libations stick, and Santa’s Nightcap is no exception. It’s the perfect tipple for your own Christmas Eve or to help you get through the bedlam that is Christmas Day.

2 oz apple pie-infused bourbon
2 oz Rompope (egg liquor)
Dash of Fee Brothers Whiskey Bitters

How to Make It
Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake. Then roll into rocks glass on the rocks and garnish with nutmeg.

Why We Like It
Everyone needs a stiff drink to take the edge off after a long day at work, and Santa is no exception. This cocktail combines the holiday tastes of apple pie with the timelessness of bourbon. No matter what madness goes down in the house, throw back a couple of these and you’ll be perfectly merry.