Need to catch somebody in a lie? Or maybe catch them in the act of something they aren’t supposed to be doing? Perhaps you just want to secretly record your friends doing something embarrassing put it on

Don’t worry; all of the above has never been easier, with the Sleek Video Camera Pen. Look out, 007. The miniscule camera is concealed within the pen, the lens just above the clip, the microphone just beneath on the barrel. Start and stop recording by clicking a hidden button on the top keeping your chances of being caught pretty minimal. The camera holds up to 4 GB, or 2 ½ hours of footage (perfect for bootlegging movies–coincidence?). A USB 2.0 port allows for easy upload to your computer. And, you know, you can also write things down with it if you’re so inclined. But at $129.95, you won’t want to leave this in that drawer in your kitchen with dozens of pens that don’t work, scissors, and old AA batteries. You’ll want to keep this on you at all times. You never know when you’re going to need to record somebody and use it against them later! You can find the Video Camera Pen here.