I had heard good things about A Scanner Darkly. Ok, my wife said she heard it was pretty good and got it off Blockbuster.com. I decided to give up a few hours of my precious time to give it a try. Here is a litte description of the movie

Richard Linklater’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s classic novel is a challenging, mind-bending experience that cautions about the dangers of excessive drug use as well as the government’s capacity to abuse and manipulate power.

Here is MY description. A decent movie about drug addiction. Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr. (he pretty much plays himself) , Woody Harrelson, and Wynona Ryder all star in a movie that only drew attention because it is rotoscoped. Without the rotoscoping it would just have been a direct to rental movie (It pretty much was anyway as it grossed only $5 million) . Now for those of you that don’t know what rotoscoping is, think Charles Schwab commercials. Yes, those colorized Talk to Chuck commercials that you used to see all spring. I felt like I was watching a extremely long Chuck on drugs movie. The movie is very hard to follow and don’t plan on having any other sounds going on around you if you have any hope of following this film. In short, the rotoscope is cool and is worth checking out just because of the cool graphics. You are probably going to think this movie is brilliant or terrible. I personally couldn’t recommend it , but I am not regretting the fact I rented it.