In the interest of journalistic integrity and balanced reporting, I tried to cover all the angles on the Fed rate cut today.

Most people were all for it, but then there was this guy.

As you can see from his doomsday sign, he was not a big fan of the stock exchange, the bailout, the current state of American politics, or proper biblical reference punctuation.

He explained to me (and anyone else who walked by staring at his sign) that the recent financial collapse and the need for a bailout were all a sign of “the end” coming.

He also proceeded to explain the ‘burning whore’ analogy on his sign, but he kind of lost me on that one.

Afterward, I walked away from our chat with a little more insight into the mind of some of Wall Street’s more eccentric personalities.

And here he is shootin’ the breeze about the end being near with a few other folks: