What guy doesn’t appreciate a good Tarantino flick? It’s almost a right of passage to be able to quote the “Like a Virgin” discussion from Reservoir Dogs, or any Sam Jackson line from Pulp Fiction, especially “Royale with cheese.”

And lets not forget Tarantino’s most recent stroke of brilliance “Inglourious Basterds”, which is up for Best Pic this year at the Oscars. Yes, it is a proud feat to own the entire Tarantino collection on DVD (and most of their soundtracks aren’t bad either), but how about some unique tribute artwork on your walls? Ibraheem Yousseff supplies just that. Anybody can go down to Spencer’s Gifts and pick up the famous and much replicated "Pulp Fiction" poster. Yousseff provides some originality, almost in a minimalist fashion, taking iconic images from the Tarantino flicks and portraying them around the title. For example, staying with Pulp Fiction, this movie’s poster sports a chainsaw, a hammer, a katana sword, and a baseball bat. In other words, “Zed’s dead, baby.” It’s stuff like this that only the true fan will recognize and appreciate. The posters come in two sizes, a smaller one that will cost you $32, and a larger one that will set you back $95. If you were a true fan, you’d buy them all. You can find them here.