I’m sure people from Vietnam think American bologna is awful but I am going to have to say that even a few beers couldn’t make these things taste good
Deep Fried Bat

I know you think these are deep fried baby aliens but actually these are “kabog”, or deep fried bat. A real treat in the Philippines. They taste just like balut which you’ll have the pleasure of seeing at the bottom

Most people prefer the small or stupid pig because it is more tender. OK I made that up but anyone stupid enough to eat pig brain will believe it.

Seahorse on a Stick

There’s nothing tastier at the Chinese fair than seahorse on a stick. If that tastes too fishy, the vendors usually offer scorpions, grubs, and the ever so tasty silk worm.
Jelly Fish

I have trouble eating something that I have to pee on to keep it from causing me great pain but evidently this stuff is pretty good. Just look at that suckling pork with a side of jellyfish fries
Pickled Lizard

Umm, Pickled Lizard. Only in Hanoi, Vietnam (ok maybe all over Vietnam) can you pick up this tasty “Giant Lizard in a Bottle”. Hey I’ll eat the worm in the bottom but you’re going to have to get me a lot drunker than this to eat that thing.

Hairless Rats

It may be the year of the rat in China but in Taiwan it’s always on the menu. According to Dzrbenson

Both Restaurants in a Taiwan village display hairless rat carcasses in their kitchen windows before chopping off the heads and throwing the pint-sized bodies and tails into pots. Both restaurants are full at meal times as the rat race for gnawing customers reaches fever pitch. “Most people who come in here at first have a psychological barrier, but once they take a bite, they don’t mind.” The rats grow up on crops from fields surrounding the village of Lucao in Chiayi county – which means they are not dirty rats from sewers.

The funny thing is while you guys are thinking how nasty it would be to eat rat, all I can think about is how hard it would be to defur these damn things.


Penis: Any and All


Thought it was only a delicacy for Jenna Jameson? All over the world people eat all different animal’s members. The boiled bull penis pictured above is a favorite. If bull is not your thing. you have a choice in some restaurants like the one above. I’m not sure what the fuzzy one is but it’s going to tickle on the way down.


Balut: Eggs with Legs

A Half-hatched chicken egg. A balut is a fifteen- or sixteen-day fertilized chicken egg. Open an egg and pop a sixteen-day-old incomplete chicken fetus into your mouth, complete with partially formed feathers, feet, eyeballs, and blood vessels showing through the translucent skin of the chick. The only think nastier than this…



Two Girls 1 Cup