As we all know the best way to make lots of money as an adult is to play professional sports.  I learned in the inner city that wealth is based on athletics and the best retirement plan is to buy lottery tickets.  All kidding aside, I decided to take a look at the Major League Salary averages to see what position I should guide my child towards.

Obviously the better player you are, regardless of position, the more money you’re going to make.  I am pretty sure,  based on my genes that my child will be an average major leaguer.  A-Rod type skills are not available even if you combined 10 generations of talent together. Based on my research here are the average Major League Baseball salaries by position

Catcher……$1 Million

Designated Hitter………$8.5 Million (only 13 players have this title)

First Base……..$1.25 Million

Outfield……………..$1.3 Million


Second Base………….$1,056,000


Third Base……….$2.7 Million

Take away the made up position of DH the choice seems clear.  It looks like I’m going to have stand 8 feet away from my kid and hit line drives to the face.  The hot corner is the best paying position by far.  Someone will argue the average is skewed because of A-Rod but take his out and you still have a $2.1 million average.  I’m also pretty excited because the careers of third basemen are pretty good. You just have to be able to get the throw across.  Compared to the running of the outfield, the destruction of a pitcher’s arm and a catcher’s knees, 3rd basemen just have to be able to dive and throw.  I just hope my daughter can hit