Henry Nicholas III, the founder and CEO of chip-making firm Broadcom, was a billionaire with a wild streak. From recently released court documents it has been revealed he hosted drug-fueled sex orgies with prostitutes in both a hidden underground lair below his mansion and in a renovated ‘party warehouse’ in southern California.

According to an article in yesterday’s New York Post, with the amazing headline Rockin’ the Coked-Out “Orgy” Cave, excessive doesn’t begin to describe it:

In an Oriental-themed, tricked-out parlor, Nicholas, his friends and a bevy of prostitutes would party and have sex for days – abusing cocaine, laughing gas and other drugs, as music from such chart-toppers as Led Zeppelin and Phil Collins played, according to court papers and a former employee.

The worker said the parlor had six couches. The main room was fashioned in a Far East motif and adorned in rugs and statues, including a four-foot stone figure of Medusa. There was a Jacuzzi for six. A bedroom in the back was used for sex and sleeping, the worker said.

“The Ponderosa,” or “The Pond,” was also fitted with an $18,000 wooden bar. [The court documents also] said he spiked the drinks of high-tech execs and representatives of Broadcom customers with ecstasy.

Wow, very impressive setup. The Phil Collins music was a nice touch. I don’t think this is what Phil had in mind when he wrote, “I can feel it coming in the air tonight”, or maybe he did?

Further details reveal that originally big Nick had the place outfitted with dozens of little cannisters of ‘whippets’ to get high on. But guests complained the cans were ‘too cold’, so he went with the laughing gas instead. This scene seems a lot like what would happen if Batman’s ‘The Joker’ hung out with the guys from A Clockwork Orange for a weekend. Also – spiking business clients’ drinks with ecstasy is a great way to seal a ‘big merger’.

He was happily leading a double-life similar to some sort of evil superhero. By day he was a focused married CEO of a major tech company, working long hours and building his firm. Broadcom first went public in 1998, and less than 2 years later Nicholas Henry was worth over $10 billion.

After working hours, he had this cartoonishly evil obsession with all the most expensive vices. While on vacation for a week with his family, he hired a contractor to outfit his family’s home with the underground sex/drugs lair so he could keep partying close to home. The lair had a secret wall-paneled entrance that could only be opened with a remote control. He even gave the contractor death threats when he was told the project might not be completed in time.

That would be one of his many downfalls though, because in 2002 his wife returned home early to find him partaking in the services of a prostitute while high on several drugs in the underground lair. Not sure how she got down there, maybe he carelessly left the door open? That should be rule #1 when it comes to underground lairs – don’t leave the door open when you have a hooker downstairs with you.

All of this has been revealed because Nicholas is facing charges of not paying former employees. However, the feds have much more serious allegations for Mr. Henry to explain in court. They are charging him with securities and wire fraud, filing false statements to the Securities and Exchange Commission and conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs, according to indictments unsealed on June 4.

He’s out on a $3.3 million bail right now while he awaits trial. No matter the outcome of the case, I think we can all rest assured that Nicholas Henry has set the bar very high in the ridiculously lavish and indulgent CEO sex party category. Makes Spitzer look like a complete nerd.

NY Post: Rockin the Coked-Out Orgy Cave, June 15, 2008