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Cannondale SuperSix EVO Ultimate

Top of the line gear can make all the difference on a tough ride, and you can’t go much farther up the line than the Cannondale SuperSix Evo Ultimate. Looking for the lightest, toughest bike in the world? This is it...CONTINUED


An Old-School Bike We Really Like

Sometimes, a vehicle is so classic, there’s no need to tinker with it much. Hence the awesomeness of Ural’s M70 Anniversary Edition, a fitting homage to a ride that roamed the front lines of World War II—and just happened to look damn good doing it.


Giant Reign 0, All-Terrain Beast

There are mountain bikes that climb great, cross-country great, and downhill great, but rarely does a single ride dominate in all three phases. Until now. The Giant Reign 0 is an all-terrain terror.

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