The 4 Best Used Motorcyles That Will Make You Look Like A Guy Who Rides Motorcycles

If you’re looking to buy your first crotch rocket and want to look like a badass who knows his bikes without spending five figures, then you’ll want to pick one of the best of the used motorcycles available. Girls do think guys who ride motorcycles are hot and if you have a used bike that makes you look like a guy who has been riding for ever then you’ll be noticed even more. But ...


Aprilia Pays Tribute to Space Shuttle

Motorcycle maker Aprilia USA gives homage to the final Space Shuttle flight with this video. Hey, wait a second! We accuse this video tribute of being an ad for Aprilia motorcycles!


How To Set Kawasaki Bayou 300 Valves

The user manuals from Kawasaki avoids specifying how to set Kawasaki Bayou 300 valves, as well as any details on mechanical matters. More than that, they recommend visiting a specialist and not to try ...

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