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Ford Recall List

Here we go again, another Ford recall list. It makes new car buyers want to curse 2011. Ford is now seeing a bright ligh ...


Upgrade Vista To Windows 7

It's time to upgrade Vista to Windows 7. Maybe your system is running slow, maybe your new software demands a newer ...


Honda Civic Recall

Automotive manufacturer Honda issued a Honda Civic recall in March of 2011. The recall applied to the 2011 Honda Civic m ...


Netbook Computers

Those thinking about purchasing a tablet should also consider netbook computers. Netbook computers are basically strippe ...


Palm Pre Plus Apps

With the wide range of Palm Pre Plus apps available for download, it’s a no brainer that there are going to be mor ...


Android Developer Tools

If you want to build, test, design, develop and launch multifarious Android applications using your Android SDK (i.e. so ...


Who Invented The Airplane?

Who invented the airplane? Many of us have taken an airplane and flown from coast to coast in a manner of hours. But man ...


Black Inventors And Inventions

In order to have a full appreciation of the contributions of African Americans to our society in culture, it is importan ...


Windows 7 Tweaks

Windows 7 tweaks allow you to make the system your own. It's a great way to get familiar with your Windows 7 system ...


Transfer Music From IPod To Mac

If you have recently purchased a new computer from Apple, you may want to transfer music from iPod to Mac. All Mac compu ...


Skype Screen Sharing

Skype screen sharing is a feature offered by Skype, an online communications software company. Skype is an application t ...


Ipod Touch Wifi Problems

Some iPod Touch users frequently encounter some issues when using their gadgets and one of these involves iPod Touch Wi- ...

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