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How To Make A Paper Boat

Many people don’t know how to fold a paper boat, but in reality it’s just as simple as making a paper airplane. The foll ...


How To Remove Antivirus Live

Want to know how to remove antivirus live? So I'm sure you've been browsing the internet, and come across a stra ...


Prius Battery Life

Although the Toyota Prius' battery life was never expected to last as long as the car, it turned out that it has&nbs ...


Awesome IPhone Apps

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50 Cal Sniper Rifle

Throughout military history, designers of small arms have pursued the perfect 50 cal sniper rifle. From anti-personnel t ...


380 Handguns

The 380 handguns are even more impressive compared to 32 S&W Long, and uses the 38 Special regular ammo. The 32 S&am ...

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