I love reading through the news. All over the place the media reports the obvious. “OPEC won’t cut production” is one that I always find funny. Oil is $60 and anyone in there right mind is going to pump out as much as they can at that price. Another obvious story is the fact that Japan may raise interest rates. Given that they are at 0 they have nowhere to go but up. Talk about master of the obvious. When I look for news, I look for things I don’t know or don’t assume. Then there are the titles meant to scare us like “Antartica cannot replace Ice Loss“. Ice is melting faster than it is being built. Ohhh noo, what are we going to do? Thanks for letting me know that, I’ll make sure I sell my X5 and buy a Chevette. Other news like Kirby Puckett’s stroke at only 44 makes me wonder what kind of news we aren’t getting. What kind of things does a man need to do to his body to make him have a stroke at 44? Something is not right there. I hope the best for him but the year Brady Anderson hit 50 Homeruns did more damage that anyone will ever know. If he was hitting that many I can only imagine what others were doing to their body to try and catch him. Speaking of trying to catch up. Can the NYSE catch all the other exchanges that have gotten the jump on them? I think they can but only by purchasing other exchanges. I think they need to buy ISE which would give them a complete package of stock and options. I have started to hear about how some of the foreign exchanges are real deals because they trade at multiples much lower than their US counterparts. Want to know why? Because they are FOREIGN exchanges and more people trade on the US exchanges. Don’t buy into the cheap multiple game, stay at home. It is going to be a great week for broker/dealers and exchanges as the numbers come out. Watch for TRAD and OXPS to have their best weeks of the year.