You could download a weather app, but the Tempescope is the ultimate push notification. It’s nothing but an acrylic box, replete with water and some LEDs, that simulates the weather forecast from your living room.

The device wirelessly syncs up with an app that has varying modes to replicate rain, clouds, lightning or sunshine. The “weather forecast” mode displays today’s weather during the day and tomorrow’s weather during the evening. The “manual” mode let’s you choose the weather for the ambiance you’re looking to create—maybe a rainy day for reading or a storm if you’re trying to Netflix and chill. And the “sky sync” mode gives you the option to set any geographic location and sync your device with the skies there.

Now on Indiegogo, the Tempescope is scheduled to begin deliveries in April, when there’s sure to be a lot of spring showers—strategic, since the sunshine mode on this thing is just a blue light. The first prototype was made from $1 shampoo bottles, but now you can have weather in a box instead for $199 or $249 if you want an engraved message. You know, like, “I make it rain.”

tempescope-forecastRain…rain-tempescopeClouds…tempescopeAnd, of course, sunshine…tempescope-sunshine