When people say “Spend Money like a Rock Star” they mean spend money like there’s plenty more where that came from. There usually isn’t in the rock world but they spend it anyway. Courtesy of Blender here are a few things your favorite rock stars have purchased with their hard earned money

Bono spent $1700 to have his favorite hat flown from London to Italy because he forgot it. It was
carried in the cockpit with the pilots. I can see them wearing it singing “Sunday Bloody Sunday” at the top of their lungs.


This is nothing compared to John Lennon who once spent $13,000 to book all the first class tickets on a plane so his son could set up his train set.  John Mayer recently spent $1700 on a Star Wars figure. Some 23 year comic book collector had no idea who he was bidding against.

Everyone knows Rod Stewart was a soccer player and loves the game but what you didn’t know was he spent $100,000 to have a replica field built to match his favorite team Celtics digs.

In one of the best investments Tommy Lee paid $4,000 (only 4K?) to have his own Starbucks franchise in his home. Damn that would be nice.  Kanye West is spending $350,000 to recreate the Sistene Chapel’s ceiling in his LA home. It fits perfect because he thinks he’s a God anyway.

Everyone has a Rolls Royce but Nelly had his Mink lined.

Of course there’s Britney Spears. Besides spending $200 a day on coffee she spends $3000 on Japanese scissors to cut her hair. I can only imagine what Federline spends all her money on.

My favorite spender is Mick Fleetwood who says he spent $8 million on cocaine. Really not the best investment in the world. He should have put it into Apple stock.  Elton John just buys anything and everything. He spent $205, 000 on flowers and spent $2 million a month for a while.

There are plenty of other stories but this just shows what I mean when I say spending like a rockstar. I’m sure some hedge fund managers, ceo’s, and traders could easily compete in the spending competition. They’ll be in another article.