I would like to thank everyone who commented on my daughter’s blog yesterday. She is having her tonsils taken out today and she was really excited to see all the people that came to her blog. She couldn’t stop telling me how many people came and commented. A special thanks to Fly aka Broker A and Foges. I let her know that the famous Mr. Fly and a future President both came to her blog and she should be honored. Fly by the way owes my an alphabetical blogroll after the Wild Wings earnings but the comment is fair trade enough. If any of you would like to go and wish her good luck on her hospital visit this weekend you can do it here.

Vasectomy $400. Look on her face: Priceless

As I prepare to climb Everest I ask the question. Why do people take off their clothes when they are freezing to death?

Amazing new concept billboard designs.

I’ll never forget when I was 13 and saw my first stripper. Oh the memories (funny pic)

A great Graph of the Relationship of various things to the amount of porn you watch.

The weirdest KKK photo I’ve ever seen. They are idiots but idiots who love a carnival.

Should I take a dump, look at porn, or chew tobacco? This guys decides to do all 3 (funny pic)

Awesome set of photoshopped pics.

Here is a swimsuit shot of Molly Sims looking very hot. I wish I were the goat.

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