From John Huston’s The Maltese Falcon to Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs to Tommy Wiseau’s The Room (“LISA!!!”), one of the great joys for moviegoers is to realize an exciting new voice has emerged. But such voices are often risky investments, which makes studios and producers reluctant to take a chance on these raw talents. That’s one reason there are so few Hustons, Tarantinos and Wiseaus in the world… and so many sequels to Meet the Parents.

This is where Manhattan’s First Time Fest enters the picture. From April 3 through 7, the FTF is unveiling great debut films from around the world—such as the premiere of writer/director Jayce Bartok’s Fall to Rise, about a dancer’s life post-injury—as well as looking back at the first efforts of cinema icons through a mix of screenings, panel discussions and tributes. Among the highlights: Oscar-nominated director-and-screenwriter/Dr. Melfi’s-shrink-from-The Sopranos Peter Bogdanovich attending the showing of his 1968 classic debut Targets, the Roger Corman-produced tale of a sniper that was the final film for Frankenstein’s Boris Karloff. Other special guests include Michael Moore, Wayne Brady, Albert Maysles, Rosie Perez and Lake Bell.

Made Man will not only be attending the FTF: we’ll be participating. Along with Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, we’ll be seeking out the Builleit Frontier Film, saluting the new flick that best expands the frontiers of cinematography. Follow the experience on Twitter via #Bulleit or, if you happen to be in NYC this weekend, come check out the fest. Tickets are on sale now.

Now let’s go find the next Wiseau.