Android’s ever-growing market is producing apps at a rate that leaves iPhone users questioning their two-year commitment. Don’t believe us? Check out the 10 best new—and mostly free—Android apps. Then tell your iPhone-worshipping friends to shove it.

1. Kik Messenger
Kik Messenger provides a free alternative to traditional texting. You can share pictures and messages without cutting into your SMS allowance, and the group chat accommodates up to 10 users. (Free)

2. SnapTax
Just when you thought filing your taxes couldn’t become anymore foolproof, this Turbo Tax app lets you snap a picture of your W-2, then processes the info and sends off your returns. As simple as that. We feel a little insulted. (Free for the app, $19.99 to file)

3. MyLawyer
This pocket lawyer walks you through all of the key steps in the event of a car accident or legal situation. It also stores photos of the scene and collects insurance details. (Free)

4. PicPlz
Android’s response to iPhone’s popular Instagram features over fifteen editing tools and endless effects, plus built-in social media sharing. And the hipsters rejoice. (Free)

5. Snookify Me
Finally a way to look like Snooki without sleeping in the tanning bed, eating burritos and teasing your hair. As you might guess, this app instantly Snookifies your pics. Additional fees apply for STDs and a vomit-coated dress. ($1.99)

6. LocalMind
The control panel of the world is at your fingertips. Ask questions of users that have checked in to your favorite bar or coffee shop, then browse Q & As to stay informed about local spots. (Free)

7. Mobile Nanny
This app will quickly become one of your most used utilities. Mobile Nanny can keep track of the other cell phones on your plan to ensure that employees keep it strictly business—and your kids lay off the sexting.

8. Thumb Keyboard
Let’s face it, smartphones aren’t exactly accommodating to sausage fingers. This app provides a split layout that makes texting and messaging easier and more natural for those with well-endowed thumbs. ($2.49)

9. Webroot
Because Android phones are PC-based, they are susceptible to viruses and security issues. Webroot protects your phone from possible breeches and malware and provides remote access that lets you lock and locate a lost or stolen phone. (Free)

10. Just In Case
This app automatically sends notes to specified contacts during life or death situations. So now you don’t have to worry about rotting in a crevice 127 Hours-style. In theory. (Free)