So after the 2014 Super Bowl, three things were clear. The Seahawks are fierce. Peyton Manning is indeed the greatest regular season QB.

And thanks to a pretty brutal blowout, the commercials were probably the best part.

Now that we’re staring down the barrel of the 2015 edition, we’re crossing our fingers that the game is a little closer—and that the ads are as amusing as these…

Diet Mountain Dew, Horse Show: This action sports twist on equestrian competitions ran during pregame coverage—and won us over about halfway through.

AXE Peace, Make Love, Not War: We all love a good twist, and this spot delivers, giving us a few goosebumps before a humorous little de noue ment.

Radio Shack, The Phone Call: Care to wager on which ’80s icon got paid the most for showing up to this shoot? We’re guessing A.L.F.

Coca Cola, Going All the Way: Let’s hear it for the underdog. And an ad actually featuring football. And carbonated beverages, of course.

Bud Light, Up For Whatever: Helmed by Jackass director Jeff Tremaine, this ad employs Don Cheadle, Arnold Schwarzenegger and One Republic to give one regular guy the night of his life.

Wonderful Pistachios featuring Stephen Colbert: Colbert, a bald eagle in a matching vest and a hilarious twist? This ad gets more done in 15 seconds than most did in twice that time.

GoDaddy, Bodybuilder: Three words—Danica got jacked.

Honda, #hugfest: If they ever make a live-action version of Despicable Me, Fred Armisen would make an awesome minion.

Ford, Nearly Double: Using celebs in ads doesn’t always work, but when you put Rob Riggle and James Franco together, good things happen.

Doritos, Time Machine: This crowd-sourced spot gets funnier the more you watch it.