Parents spend endless amounts of time trying to come up with names for their children. We get it. The name of your kid is a big deal and can really affect their entire life. With that in mind, the parents of the people on this list really didn’t try hard enough. Here are the 10 most unfortunate names in sports.


10. Destinee Hooker
A University of Texas alum, Hooker played a big role in the US capturing the silver medal in volleyball at the 2012 London Olympics. So take that, Mr. and Mrs. Hooker, looks like your daughter was able to change her destiny in spite of your efforts.


9. Dong Dong
Dong Dong is a trampoline gymnast from China. It is rumored that he is often confused when a doorbell sounds, thinking that someone is calling his name.


8. Ivana Mandic 
Mandic was a UNC-Charlotte basketball player from the former Yugoslavia. You really ought to say this name out loud to get the full effect.


7. Taco Fall
Taco is 7’6” and a current college basketball player at the University of Central Florida. His name sounds like a description after a night out at a Mexican restaurant and a few too many drinks. “How was your night?” / *sighs* “Taco Fall…”


6. Steve Sharts
Wow. His name is a very sad sentence. Also: He sorta looks like a Steve Sharts.


5. God’s Gift Achiuwa
A former forward for the St. John’s basketball team, Achiuwa made the Big East All-Academic team in 2014. We actually really like his name. Let’s hope there’s a God’s Gift Jr. in the future.


4. Dick Butkus
Butkus is a Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker. He played nine seasons for the Chicago Bears and won two NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards. Fun fact: His middle name is Marvin.


3. Tokyo Sexwale
An accomplished politician and businessman in South Africa, Sexwale was a popular FIFA presidential candidate before he dropped out of the race. Then again, “FIFA President Tokyo Sexwale” just doesn’t sound right.


2. Wang Liqin
Liqin is a retired Chinese table tennis champion. He won two Olympic gold medals and is reportedly the spokesperson for KFC China with the catchphrase: “It’s Wang Liqin good!”


1. Rusty Kuntz
Rusty is a former pro baseball player and a current coach for the Kansas City Royals. He has two World Series titles to his name. And one embarrassing name to his name.

Honorable Mention: Dick Pound (swimming), World B. Free (basketball), Dick Pole (baseball), Yoshie Takeshita (volleyball), God Shammgod (basketball), Dick Trickle (car racing), Dean Windass (soccer), Dick Paradise (hockey), Lucious Pusey (football), Chubby Cox (basketball), Nortei Nortey (soccer), Metta World Peace (basketball).