While Joan Jett, Heart and Donna Summer were recently nominated, the following 10 fine-looking ladies stand out amongst the fewer than 30 female members of the overwhelmingly male club that is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We’re not going to stage a protest just yet, but now’s as good a time as any to savor their unlikely combination of beauty and talent. Enjoy.

Debbie Harry

A former Playboy Bunny, Debbie (sometimes Deborah) Harry became so synonymous with Blondie that pretentious hipsters of the 1970s began wearing badges reading “Blondie is the name of the band.” (Editor’s note: we think these are just really tight pants. We think.)

Tina Turner

Tina Turner ages better than any living human being we can think of. It’s probably because her stage shows are several-hours-long workouts. Whether you listen to her with or without Ike, it’s some of the best R&B, soul and funk of all time. And yes, she really did insure her legs.

Joni Mitchell

If anyone’s going to make girls with acoustic guitars less annoying, it’s gotta be Joni Mitchell. She looks like the hipster girl you stare at in the coffee shop, only friendlier.


She definitely peaked in the “Cherish” video, but she still does everything she can to keep fit. Remember the contortions she was doing in the “Ray of Light” video? Dang.

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is kind of like your friend’s hot but totally weird aunt who wants to read your tea leaves every time she sees you. Her vocals are spooky and haunting but also lovely to put on in the background while you do something else. Also, she sang an entire album (Rumours) about how much Lindsey Buckingham hates her.

Wanda Jackson

You know you’re an awesome old lady when Jack White wants to reboot your career. The Queen of Rockabilly—a.k.a. the female Elvis—is still alive and touring. You know, just like Elvis.

Grace Slick

This Jefferson Airplane star tried to name her kid “god” and spike the White House punch bowl with LSD. She’s not exactly the type of chick you’d bring home to mom, but she’s definitely the type of chick you’d bring home for the night.

The Supremes

Three for the price of one! Making slinky evening dresses and doo-wop hot since 1959, the original Supremes featured Diana Ross and Mary Wilson. The third Supreme? Well, there were actually several, but the other founding member (pictured here to the right of Ross and Wilson) was Florence Ballard.